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Have you moved home recently and need measures in place to increase the security? Or do you just need to improve the current solutions? Krypto Security is a security company in Stratford, that provides a security solution for residential and commercial premises throughout London.


Security is at the heart of every home, business, vehicle and person, and is very important in today's society. In your hectic life its easy to take a lock, key or alarm for granted, and these can sometimes go unnoticed.


Here at Krypto Security, we believe that the security and safety of your premises and the possessions inside is paramount. We have security solutions to meet the needs and budgets of all businesses, whether you require a CCTV system or an intruder alarm. The Krypto Security logo is recognised all over London, and when a potential criminal sees the logo on our products, they will know that the premises is protected by high-quality products, from an expert security company in Stratford.


We have a team of highly skilled locksmiths, that all have to complete a 3-year trainee programme with the business. Our team are here to help when you need us most, in the quickest and easiest way without causing disruption. They pride themselves on providing a superior level of customer service, and the reliability of their maintenance and installation service.


The intruder alarms we provide can be tailored for any premises, and will use advanced systems that are designed and manufactured by the industry leading suppliers. With our Package Builder, you can build your own system according to your basket and the technology you need.

Do you need a security company in Stratford to provide protected security solutions for your premises? Contact Krypto Security on 0208 556 1000 or you can send an email to with any queries you have about the service.


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