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locksmith Walthamstow


Have you locked yourself out of the house? Or have you been broken into and need new locks fitted or changed, and the security increased? If you need the services of a locksmith in Walthamstow, Krypto Security is a security company and locksmith in Walthamstow, that offers security solutions for both domestic and commercial premises throughout the capital.


Here at Krypto Security, we understand that security is at the heart of every home, business, vehicle and individual, and this is very easy to take for granted. We believe that the security and safety of the building, its possessions and the people inside is paramount, and we have solutions to meet everyone's needs and budgets. If you have been broken into or a nearby neighbour has been and you wish to increase the security, we can help with our services.


The Krypto Security logo is recognised around all areas of London, meaning when a criminal or potential criminal notices our logo on someone's property, they will know that it is protected with the highest quality security products, supplied by an expert company. We can install intruder alarms to the premises, and these are tailored to the individual premises, and will use advanced systems that are designed by leading industry suppliers.


Krypto Security has a team of professional and skilled locksmiths in Walthamstow, that have all completed a 3-year trainee course with the business. This means they have received high-quality training and have 3-years experience in the industry, and they are there to help when you need them most. We will repair the locks on the house or increase its security in the quickest and easiest way without causing disruption. The team pride themselves on delivering a superior level of customer service, and the reliability of the service they provide. If you want more information on our security systems and solutions, you can head to our Locksmith Walthamstow page.

Do you need the services of a locksmith in Walthamstow? Give Krypto Security a call on 0208 556 1000 or you can send an email to with any queries you have about the service.

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