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locksmith Leytonston

Are you looking for the very best locksmith in Leytonstone? You need to visit the Krypto Security website today. We are an established business based in the heart of the country that carry out some of the highest quality services in the industry. Our company was started by two brothers with very different personalities but a single-joint vision, and that was to make Krypto a company synonymous with expertise and quality.


We understand more than anyone that security is at the heart of every home, business, vehicle and individual, and this is very easy to take for granted. We believe that the security and safety of the building, its possessions and the people inside is paramount, and we have solutions to meet everyone's needs and budgets, so you know we are the business you need to go to. We always ensure our clients are 100% happy with the services we provide and our team help them in the quickest and easiest way, that will cause the least amount of disruption.


The Krypto Security logo is recognised around all areas of London, meaning when a criminal or potential criminal notices our logo on someone's property, they will know that it is protected with the highest quality security products, supplied by an expert company. We believe that keeping the premises and possessions inside safe from thieves and criminals is paramount, and that’s why we have intruder alarm solutions that meet any budget. With our unique ‘Package Builder’, you can build a system tailored to the budget and technology you require.


Are you looking for the very best locksmith in Leytonstone? If the answer to that question is ys, make sure you give Krypto Security a call on 0208 556 1000 or you can send an email to with any queries you have about the service.

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